Dr Raya Jones

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Raya Jones
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Research Interests:

My latest work concerns psychological theories of ‘meaning’ with particular attention to a comparison of C. G. Jung’s theory of symbol formation with social constructionist, narrative, and dialogical approaches to self and identity. My involvement with post-Jungian studies includes serving as an advisor to the Journal of Analytical Psychology and as a member of the executive committee of the International Association for Jungian Studies and the co-ordinator of the IAJS web-site www.jungianstudies.org

Earlier and ongoing work concerns the relationship between children's perceptions of school and emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the social construction of the ‘pupil with problems’ in British education.

Selected Publications:


Jones R A (Ed.) (2010) Body, Mind and Healing after Jung: A Space of Questions. London: Routledge

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Jones R A (2007) Jung, Psychology, Postmodernity. London: Routledge

Jones R A (1995) The Child-School Interface: Environment and Behaviour. London: Cassell

Selected Journal Articles:

Jones R A (2007) A Discovery of Meaning: The case of C. G. Jung’s house dream Culture & Psychology  13(2), 203-230

Jones R A (2005) Identity Commitments in Personal Stories of Mental Illness on the Internet Narrative Inquiry 15(2), 293-322

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Jones R A (1997) The presence of self in the person: Reflexive positioning and personal construct psychology, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 27:102-119

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