Dr Brendon Stewart

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Brendon Stewart
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Dr Brendon Stewart is academic coordinator of the Masters of Analytical Psychology, in the School of Psychology, at the University of Western Sydney (UWS), Australia. His research brings together analytical psychology, Buddhist thought, cultural studies, ecological theory, creativity and learning. His has done extensive research with people in various local government areas of Western Sydney.

Brendon's analytical psychology research inquires into how our emerging, living, multi culture adapts and changes. His work encourages the re-telling of important cultural stories in such a way that newness may be incorporated into familiar cultural patterns. Over the last few decades the study of ecology has shifted from being a branch of the biological sciences to occupy a more social ecological function. An ecosystem is now recognized as an extended 'household', including the worldwide community of living and non-living things with all the intricacies of their coherence and change.

It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at (1998), explored the world of lived experience in a Sydney Local Government Area that has a large and mixed migrant population. This research raised questions such as; what is it like to be a migrant? What is it like to have migrants move into your community? What is it like to live in a multicultural society? What is a home like in a multicultural community?

The author has submitted a follow up paper for consideration in the proceedings of this interdisciplinary discussion on the use of Subjective Experience based on an ongoing research interest in the Australian migrant story.

Kontakt: br.stewart@uws.edu.au