Wykład: 'Paradygmaty psychoterapii a orientacja seksualna'

Speaker: Tom Warnecke

What can psychotherapy do?
Psychotherapy Paradigms and Sexual Orientation
Association of Jungian Analysts
Flat 3, 7 Eton Avenue, London NW3 3EL
Homosexuality and same-sex attraction have vexed the psychotherapy field for much of its history. Psychotherapy ideas, while revolutionizing the understanding of human functioning in the 20th century, blindly incorporated many common western cultural values but also a Christian-Judaic premise that procreative sex was normative. The ensuing conjecture of hetero-normativity created a conceptual bias about minority sexual orientations and left psychotherapy with a toxic legacy that continues to cast its shadow today. This talk will re-examine the troubled relationship of psychotherapy with gender and sexual orientation.
Biography: Tom Warnecke trained in Gestalt Therapy and subsequently with David Boadella and maintains a psychotherapy practice in London. He worked in community mental health services, developed a relational - somatic approach to borderline dynamics, and teaches relational body psychotherapy in various settings. His publications include several journal papers and book chapters. He is a vice chair of the UKCP and represents the UK on the Board of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

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