Z komnaty snów: "Big dream (Wielki sen) "

About 6 weeks ago I started having some very strange dreams. I have not had a dream that I remember for over a year, which is quite unusual for me because I regular used to have lucid dreams that I always remembered.
These dreams were not nightmares as such, they were more like memories. It was as if I were replaying all the bad things that had happened in my life, from meningitis at the age of 3, through bullying at school, identifying my late husbands body, illness in my last pregnancy, abusive relationships, my daughters diagnoses of Sudden death syndrome, right through to the problems. Paul (my partner) and I have been through with his depression and the rows and financial difficulties that we have had recently.
This went on for about two weeks and I discussed the dreams with my daughters and said I didn't understand why all these things were 'ganging up on me now'.
Where these dreams stopped, I had two days dream free.
Then I had another dream. This time my late Grandmother who died 2,5 years ago and who I've always described as the most inspirational woman in my live, came to see me. She sat on my bed and held my hand and told me the following.
They have thrown everything at you and they haven't broken you. You are still you, you are still caring, thoughtful, kind, and trusting. You still believe in love and respect. You are not vengeful or angry or bitter and you can still forgive. They can only do anything once, that was the rule and you have won, you have beaten them. Now it's your turn, things will get better for you, it's your turn for the good things and I will make sure you get it. You deserve it, you're earned it, and I am proud of you. You never gave up. Enjoy it now but keep being you, never forget you.
Since then I have won small amounts of money on the national and Euro lottery 3 out four weeks running.
When I woke up from dream I felt euphoric, excited and like I could take on the world. I also discussed this dream with Paul and my daughters and I said I was a little confused as to who 'They' were as my grandmother had referred to 'they' and not 'it' as in fate or 'him' as in God which I still think is a bit strange.
I also think it is a bit spooky about the lottery wins as I have not had than one number matching for almost four years now and suddenly I'm having a run of luck and I am not picking the numbers, they have all been lucky dips picked by the computer.