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Ruth Thacker Fry, Joyce Hall

Ruth Thacker Fry, Joyce Hall “The Symbolic Profile“

Using case histories, The Symbolic Profile shows how sources of psychological problems can be detected through interpretation of drawings and statement completions. When recounting dreams or fantasies you are revealing something about yourself in symbolic language. The Profile serves this same purpose, only in a more complete and accessible way. 

James Hollis "Swamplands of the Soul"

James Hollis “Swamplands of the Soul”

Is the purpose of life to achieve happiness?  Who does not long to arrive some distant day at that sunlit meadow where we may abide in pure contentment?  In reality we know life is not like that; our road is often dreary, the way unclear.  Much of the time we are lost in the dismal states of guilt, grief, betrayal, doubt, depression, anger, terror and the like.  Is this all we can hope for?